Hi, I'm Judy, a wife and mother of two little rascals! One of my passions in life, is spending time in my kitchen, trying out new recipes and tweaking them with my own ideas. Not to boast, but I'm quite good at this.

When I'm not in the kitchen or running around after my two kids, I enjoy spending time on the sofa with a glass of wine, going through my collection of recipe books or watching recipe videos posted on Instagram. These sources give me hundreds of ideas I can then try out in my own kitchen.

I just love to try out recipes from all over the world and experimenting with food.

Following the hundreds of Instagram recipe videos is my latest craze. It's just fantastic how they show you, in less than a minute, how to prepare a variety of meals and desserts. The downside of these Instagram videos is that it can be difficult to find the link to the detailed recipe post.

So, that is what I set out to do. I found my favorite and most popular Instagram video recipes and posted them on this website, but with the added advantage of having a direct link to the original recipe page from the source website. Check out the videos for savory or sweet.

I will keep sniffing out more recipes and uploading them on a regular basis.

Another hobby of mine is building my library of Recipe books and sources. I only add the best books to my collection and throw out the rest which is a bummer, but unfortunately there is quite a lot of crap out there. This is why I've also created a section on this site where I review my cook books and write down what I think of them. It's probably one of the few honest review blogs out there because I say it like I see it! ​

Let me know what you think about the site and what you would like to see by sending an email on admin@diyquickmeals.com. 

Also, if you have your own video recipe that you would like me to feature, just hit me up on admin@diyquickmeals.com. I would be more than happy to showcase your work and provide more fantastic recipes to our readers.

Happy Cooking to All!