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Review of the Metabolic Cooking Program

metabolic cooking book

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with food. We love to eat it, yet we hate how guilty it makes us feel when we’re not careful, especially as we get older and our metabolic rate lets us down.

I personally feel it’s so unfair how the most enjoyable meals and food seem to be the unhealthiest choices for our bodies!

So, when I came across this metabolic cooking program I just had to try it out.

I mean, it's not often you're promised an alternative way to cook food that gives you tasty meals which also healthy and help increase your metabolic rate, and keep the pounds off.​

Metabolic Cooking… what’s that exactly?

Metabolic cooking does not offer just a recipe book; it’s a whole cooking program.

In fact when I purchased the Metabolic Cooking Program I got quite a wealth of information which was split in dozens of different e-books.

At the heart of the program is a teaching on how to prepare healthy yet delicious food recipes which are so easy to follow and prepare that they will become a way of life.

metabolic cooking recipes

Who is behind the Metabolic Cooking Program?

Three names, Liam Mailer, Karine Losier, and Dave Ruel, and as always in my reviews I like to learn a bit about the authors/creators, just to make sure they are legit and know what they’re talking about.

After all we don’t want to follow any fool who comes out with an innovative recipe book do we?

Our research shows that these three know a thing or two about healthy bodies and they seem to practice what they preach... I mean, look at them!

Liam Mailer metabolic cooking program

Liam Mailer is the head chef of the metabolic cooking program. He is a specialised fitness chef and is also known as 'The Muscle Cook'.

Liam also runs a gym and is co-author of a couple of other books, including the Muscle Book. 

David Ruel is a professional fitness coach, a qualified nutritionist, and to top it all off he's also a competitive bodybuilder.

David won the 2007 Heavyweight body class championship in the 2007 Heavyweights Classic competition.

david ruel metabolic cooking program
karin losier mateabolic cooking program

Known as the “The Lean Kitchen Queen”, Karen Losier has a degree in psychology!

OK, so this does not really have anything to do with nutrition, however it seems that her love of food and fitness has had a lot of influence on her contribution to this program.

She also seems to be the chosen face of this product.​

The Metabolic Cooking Program - What's in it?

This Metabolic Cooking program is usually priced at $29, which is in itself quite a good price for the amount of resources you get, however every now and then you will find this book at a discounted price of $10.

As already mentioned the whole pack does not just contain one book, but a whole set of individual books consisting of various recipe books, nutritional information guides and cheat sheets.

In total the program will provide you with over 250 healthy and delicious recipes. There are also books explaining the what and why of food nutrition, dieting tips and a guide on how to eat for a healthy life.

Check out the Metabolic Cooking Program Official Site here

List of Books in the Metabolic cooking Program

The program consists of nine primary e-books and a host of supplementary books, guides and printable quick sheets for your convenience.

Let’s take a look at what the nine main books consist of;


metabolic cooking recipes

The breakfast e-book starts by giving you tips on how to balance fat, carbs and protein to get your body burning more calories.

It then goes on to explain how a good breakfast can help you control your eating pattern throughout the rest of the day.

The next section of the book goes into some detailed metabolic breakfast recipes.

These are all easy-to-prepare recipes which can be done in 20 minutes or less. At least, this is what the book claims and even though I haven’t tried them all … yet, I can vouch that the few which I did whop up where done in under twenty minutes.

So their claim looks promising.

Chicken & Poultry

metabolic cooking recipes

This next book focuses on the importance of chicken and poultry based recipes in any diet or healthy eating regime.

Everyone knows that chicken is one of the top foods for protein, however this books explains other important nutrients found in poultry which is not really common knowledge. Well at least I learned a few new things about poultry which I didn’t know.

The book then goes on to detail various poultry based recipes, which are healthy and look amazing, such as chicken burgers, turkey muffins and chicken burritos, to name a few.

Fish & Seafood

There is not much that is healthier than fish and probably that’s why people following a Mediterranean diet tend to live longer. So, it’s no surprise that a book dedicated to seafood and fish recipes is included in the metabolic cooking program.

metabolic cooking recipes

This books does not contain too much forward information but pretty much jumps straight to the good stuff; the recipes.

Just like all the other recipe books you get from this program, the fish recipes are categorised by their nutritional information, such as, 'protein only' fish recipes, 'protein and fat' recipes, 'protein, fat and carbs' recipes, and so on.

As expected these recipes will take a bit more time to prepare, since fish has to be cooked properly but the concept of easy-to-follow instructions is maintained throughout the various recipe books within the metabolic cooking program.


Well, if we’re talking about healthy recipes we must include smoothies, right?

The smoothies recipe book looks at the benefits of juicing and gives us recipes for healthy smoothies that one can easily prepare at home.

metabolic cooking recipes


Yes, you read that right. The Metabolic cooking program contains a book dedicated to Pork recipes.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Pork is usually one of the first to be eliminated in any diet, however this book points out the benefits of including some pork based recipes in your diet and then goes on to show us a range of healthy pork dishes which you can prepare.

Red Meat

The Red Meat recipe book explains which are the lower-fat meat cuts, and gives us a few alternatives to beef, like bison and ostrich.

metabolic cooking recipes

As you can guess, there are some pretty interesting recipes covered in this book from the program and I’m sure you’ll find quite a few which you’ve never come across before.

As always the focus is on healthy, fat reducing recipes that aim to increase your body’s metabolic rate.


Sides do not have to be the carb-feast options we get when we eat at the restaurant or diner. They also don’t have to be some form of tasteless steamed vegetable dish, as you will find out in this book.

You’ll learn how to make a variety of sides to accompany your main meal, that are fairly low in calories, yet quite tasty.

Apart from giving you the tools to start your healthy and lean eating regime, the metabolic cooking program will also increase your repertoire of home cooking skills.

You’re sure to impress anyone who tastes your cooking if you serve them a complete meal from this program.


Let’s face it. We all love snacks and this is one of the main problems when trying to keep a healthy, disciplined diet.

So I thought it was a fantastic addition to the set when I came across the Snacks recipe book within the metabolic cooking program.

This book does not discourage snacking in between meals, since let’s face it, most of us will do it anyway.

Instead the metabolic cook book looks at the healthier snack alternatives that you can go for to satisfy your craving without adding too many calories.

You’ll be surprised at the ingenious snack alternatives the authors came up with in this book but I have tried a few and I assure you that they hit the sweet spot.


metabolic cooking veggies

The metabolic cooking system really is for everyone and they make sure of this by offering also the Vegeterian e-book for those of you who prefer to stay away from meat.

As expected this section of the cooking program provides a set of recipes that are completely based on vegetarian friendly ingredients. Granted, there aren’t too many vegetarian recipes, but at least you get a few vegetable based dish options.

Check out a sample of the above recipes for free here

Bonus Material

Apart from the nine main books mentioned above, the Metabolic Cooking Program also comes with an additional set of guides, recipes and printable quick sheets.

In this bonus section you will find the following;

  • Fat Loss Optimizer  - A detailed Guide to learn how to eat healthy
  • Metabolic Salad Builder
  • Calorie Free Dressings - metabolic dressing recipes
  • Seasoning Guides
  • Cooking Glossary Quick Sheet
  • Grocery Shopping Master List 

Thoughts on the Metabolic cooking Program

I’ve gone though the various books in the program and tested a few recipes and to be honest I'm quite impressed with this program.

I’d be lying if I told you that it’s all perfect, but all in all it’s a very good buy.

Let’s look at what I liked and what could be improved, in my opinion.

Best Parts of the Metabolic Cooking Program

metabolic cooking recipes

• Detailed Nutritional information.

The recipes in the books include all the nutritional information you need to know.

The calories, the proteins and the carbs are obviously in there, as are other nutritional information which most of you might not really be interested in but which might be handy for the more serious health freaks out there. 

•Simple step by step instructions.

The wording and the steps of the recipes are simple and easy to follow. You won’t find any complicated terms and you don’t need to be an experienced cook to follow and succeed with these creations.

•Easily found ingredients.

Most of the recipes are based on ingredients which you’ll probably have already. There are a few more unique recipes which require foods you might not have heard off, but nothing too complicated that you will not find in your local supermarket.

•The Quick Sheets

We loved this addition to the pack. These quick sheets are intended to be printed out to be used as a quick reference. They also went to the trouble of supplying us with a quick grocery list sheet where you can tick the items you need before heading down to your local supermarket. ​

metabolic cooking recipes

•Structured and Easy to Find Recipes;

The nine main recipe books are themed and therefore you know where you need to look to find a specific recipe. Feel like chicken, then head for the Poultry e-book and find the perfect recipe to satisfy your craving.

The Parts which could be improved

• Facts behind the claims;

This program is based on the concept that certain foods will boost your body’s metabolism and allow you to eat great dishes while still respecting your body’s health needs.

We understood this concept however we didn’t find anything in the e-books that explains why the foods chosen in the metabolic program have metabolism boosting properties.

So it seems we just have to trust the authors that this is not just another cookbook filled with great recipes, but that these dishes do what they claim to do, i.e., increase your body’s metabolism and squash your body fat.

• No primary guide book.

Once you get used to all the e-books it is easy to find what you’re looking for however I must admit that at the beginning I was a bit confused since there is no primary e-book that serves as an introduction to the program.

So, no forward that explains how to use the books or how to follow the program. This would have been extremely helpful to begin with.


metabolic cooking book

All in all, there are many more pros to this program and the little cons do not detract from the value of this set of e-books.

The truth is that, with all the material you get in the metabolic cooking program I think the value is amazing for the price you pay.

Nine books filled with unique and healthy recipes that can be used to prepare your own personal dishes or also get you ready for entertaining friends at home.

Then you get the additional bonus material with a range of valuable information and further recipes.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a set of healthy, calorie-controlled recipes this cooking program is definitely something you should consider.


Great Value for Money. Very informative and complete with so many easy-to-follow recipes. Definitely one for our collection!


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